Gabby Kanizay Sets the Record as the Youngest Australian to Conquer Mt Everest

At 19 years of age, Gabby Kanizay has become the youngest Australian to climb Mount Everest Photo- Supplied, Mt Everest, Australian Mountain climber, Mt. Everest, Himalayas
At 19 years of age, Gabby Kanizay has become the youngest Australian to climb Mount Everest Photo- Supplied

Melbourne teenager Gabby Kanizay; Youngest Australian to conquer earns the distinction of being the youngest Australian to reach the summit of Mount Everest. Gabby and her mother Jane Kanizay also join the club of mother-daughter pairing. They successfully scaled the highest peak on the earth together.

According to ABC NEWS one day after summiting Mt.  Everest, the teenager climbed the world’s fourth-highest mountain Mt. Lhotse, the close neighbour of Mt. Everest and this success is a feather in her cap.

To ascend another death zone Mt. Lhotse one day after conquering Mt. Everest is a rare or extraordinary achievement. A peak that is higher than 8,000 is called the death zone as there is extreme weather condition and there are low oxygen levels in the air in the region.

Her Guide’s Impression of Gabby

Tendi Sherpa, Gabby’s guide on her climbs said, “Guiding Gabby is a great honour.” He posted on social media, “Throughout the climb Gabby had been mentally and physically so strong.”

Gabby’s Mt. Climbing History

Jane took Gabby on a trek to Everest Base Camp in 2018, which then inspired Gabby to reach even greater heights. In May 2018, Gabby reached the Everest base camp, and Kala Patthar both are higher than 5,000 meters. In October 2019, she climbed more than 6,000-metre-high Mera Peak, Nepal and in May 2022 she climbed Mt. Everest which is 8,848 high. There are only 14 mountains in the world above 8,000m and Gabby has now climbed three of them.

Gabby, who stepped at the highest peak in the world just at 19 years 68 said, “It was just an incredible feeling. We’re the highest people in the world and we’ve finally done it and we’ve done it here together as well, which is amazing.”