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Welcome to the Nepalese Australian

Welcome to the Nepalese Australian, thank you for taking the time to visit us.

The Nepalese Australian is the Nepalese community’s largest and inclusive Nepalese online news platform. It was built with an objective of informing and promoting Nepalese community in Australia by providing authentic news and information, entertainment with professionalism.

Our team members have wide range of journalistic experiences in Radio, Television, and Newspaper and Online media.

We are community driven, focusing and promoting different aspects of the fastest growing and emerging Australian Nepalese community.

Available nationally across Australia and  New Zealand and  world-wide, the Nepalese largest News portal in Australian offer its readers stories on Nepalese current affairs, regular feature columnists, culture, history & heritage, Nepalese community event listings, food recipes, sports and much more.

Largest Nepali News Portal in Australia

We have appointed our professional Nepalese journalists and dedicated representatives in major cities of Australia for news reporting to provide the authenticated and factual information which gives its readers a true insight into the Australian Nepalese perspective.

Please find further information on the Nepalese Australian within this web site. Simply click on the tabs for information on subscribing, contacting us, advertising us. Also do have a look at our comprehensive events listings where you can see what is happening in our community.

We also offer community services including press meet and media support for Event Organisers, Nepali translation, Nepali interpretation, supply event photographer and videographer, Nepalese cultural dances and food.

To contact us or have your say please email us: [email protected]

Editorial Team:

Rishi Acharya
0412 400 410
[email protected]

Raju Manandhar
0412 400 410
[email protected]

Manarishi Dhital

Chhater Shankar

Gynendra Poudel

Prakash Humagain

Prakash Humagain

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