Nepalese Community Making Campaign to Establish Resident Embassy in Portugal

nepalese in portugal

Lisbon, Portugal, The Nepalese diaspora in Portugal have started an encouraging campaign to establish  resident  Embassy in Portugal. In spite of significant Nepalese population, Portugal has not got the Nepalese resident Embassy. The community members have been lobbying the concerned stakeholders to achieve their common aim.

Ganga Bahadur Nemkul, the renowned volunteer cum admired youth activist and founding President of Chinari Nepal, Australia, who made his debut as the social campaigner in Australia, has been named as the ‘real hero’ in Portugal.

The actor of considerable repute, Nemkul has been making positive and exceptional contributions to preserve and promote Nepalese culture and National identity in the Nepalese diaspora. His magnificent efforts and significant community-spirited services have added remarkable meaning and value to Nepalese culture and heritage in the Nepalese diaspora in Australia. Having left an indelible impression on the Nepalese diaspora in Australia with his distinguished works dedicated to enhancing the beauty of social harmony and diverse cultural experiences of the Nepalese community, Nemkul went to Nepal on a mission when there was a devastating earthquake in Nepal. Even on foreign soil, he has been championing patriotic causes shown on well-known TV channel Omkar TV, was none other than Nemkul.

Glorious Contributions to Nepalese Community  in Australia

 The pioneering and acclaimed community leader Padam Shakya said, ‘Nepalese diaspora in Australia has been thankful that many youth campaigners like Ganga Nemkul made positive and substantial contributions to give the proud facelift to our community while he was in Australia. He devoted his time, energy, and resources consistently to the overall progress and good of our community and his magnificent efforts in the best service of our community earned him an uncrowned cultural ambassador. We are very proud of him and it feels wonderful to learn that he has been doing great work in Nepal and Portugal where he has been campaigning impressively to establish the residential Embassy of Nepal in Portugal. The committed volunteer never worked for any political ends, for the benefits of a particular section, not for himself but always for the overall welfare and goodwill of the community.”

A Youth on a Mission

He has been leading a campaign in Portugal to establish a resident Embassy in Portugal where there are significant numbers of Nepalese. Last year, he led a delegation that met the Nepalese Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba and put forward the proposal with a demand for the resident Embassy in Portugal. Recently, while distributing drinking water in Alameda Park, Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal, he addressed the volunteers, “As there is the importance of water in a man’s life, there is the importance of residential Nepalese Embassy in Portugal. Being impressed by the unique kind of symbolic protest, Ganesh Pandey, the editor of Portugal based leading Nepalese media Voice of Nepal TV gave him the honorary title ‘Real Hero’

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