Government to Allocate Further Funds to Upgrade the Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP)

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Australian Government to Allocate Further Funds to Upgrade the Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP)

Amidst mounting worry caused by the migrants in Australia failing to develop language skills at the functional level, as per the government standard, the Australian government has announced the extension of its 1 billion dollars AMEP to make the learning opportunities more accessible for the new migrants. AMEP is considered one excellence of the Australian Education system aiming to offer free English lessons to eligible migrants.

The Hon Alan Tudge, MP the acting Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services, and Multicultural Affairs made a new announcement in the National Press Club, “There would be a decrease in the time frame of 5 years so that it will of benefit to the students concerned and within their easy access.

As the nation is on the road to recovery from the Covid-19 outbreak, the government has decided to bring about positive change to consolidate social unity.”

Until now AMEP has offered the basic English language classes up to 510 hours free of cost to teach English skills to most of the eligible migrants for their everyday living, job, and further study in Australia.

Tudge further added, ”The participants in the language classes on average attended classes for only 300 hours, and 21 percentage of them were course dropouts even without earning the functional English and basic knowledge related to the language skills.

At present, there are about a million migrants who lack good knowledge of the English language and as a result, many of them suffer a big loss to get good jobs. Because of a lack of language competency, they will face the challenges to adjust to the mainstream Australian lifestyle. So, everyone needs to have access to language lessons.”