MoMo World Record: Endeavour to Help Covid Victims in Homeland

Raju Manandhar
An editor at Nepalese Australian

Sydney, May 13, A press meet was held at Everest Momo Westmead, NSW, amid the lively and encouraging atmosphere to recount the last round preparation to break the “Guinness Book of World Record” with more people eating momo (a typical Nepalese dumpling) to raise the fund for the pandemic hit people in homeland Nepal.

The representatives from the well-known media houses and community members of Nepalese diaspora in Australia attended the press meet aimed to distribute the information of ‘Momo World Record’ a fund-raising event presented by the ‘Deepesh Show’ for “Nyanopan” a Nepal based renowned volunteer organisation.

The ground-breaking event, the would-be world’s biggest virtual Momo party to help COVID victims in Nepal, will be held on 29th May at 4 pm Nepal local time.

The program was hosted by the renowned Radio Jockey of the celebrated the “Deepesh Show”, Deepesh Shrestha. The leading organizer viewed, “In the pandemic of this scale, if we eat Momo sharing the online platform practicing social distancing, it serves as the fund-raising campaign, (So far nearly one million Nepalese currency has been raised which will go 100 percentage to the Pandemic sufferers)

It is advisable to participate in the campaign to feel mental satisfaction that we are making positive efforts to help the people restricted to their houses. 1500 people will be linked via the Zoom network as part of this initiative and they will eat Momo together. We have also partnered with the charity Nyanopan, which has been working for the vulnerable and needy for many years. We are attempting to provide nutritious food, warm clothing, and hygiene products to pregnant and lactating women suffering from Covid 19.” He continued, “As the family members come together to make momos, this campaign aims to bring all Nepalese together. Though momo has same name, the contents, shapes, way of cooking, traditional sauces/pickles in the momos are different and this way we celebrate the golden principle – unity in diversity. Australia is a multicultural country which has sacred commitment to the values of multiculturalism. It is an appropriate opportunity for the participants to express their cultural experiences and share their diverse heritage with other communities.”

He further said, “This campaign is founded on the vision that that through the typical Nepalese food Mo:mo which has become a household word the spirit of social work can be widely communicated. If we can introduce Nepal across the world, we can draw additional assistance. The program has assumed this kind of structure as the video conferencing software app zoom to avoid the risk of infection amid the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic. Momo is our favourite local Nepalese cuisine which is easy to cook and incredibly tasty to eat.

Momo is our favourite local Nepalese cuisine which is easy to cook and incredibly tasty to eat.

He responded, “It is not initiated by any business organisations and political institutions at all. The origin of the whole concept of this inspiring event is that whatever food we often eat, this time around we can have positive influence on the lives of some people. The participants do not need to pay. It does not mean to promote animal slaughtering. Any one can participate eating vegetable momo too. They can donate any amount of cash.

You can participate by using the link and donate by using the link If you want to know more about the event you can us the link.”

He added, “Nyanopan is a non-profit organisation based in Nepal with the motto of serving the nation by empowering the blind and the visually impaired and underprivileged people with opportunities, education, support, care, warmth, and their needs of the day.”

He put ahead , “The current situation in Nepal due to the COVID-19 crisis is alarming. The pandemic has considerably distorted the social and daily life of people on a global scale, and Nepalese people are facing even worse situations due to the unpreparedness of the relevant authorities. The effects of the crisis have been felt deeply, especially by vulnerable groups living on the fringes. Nyanopan is always upfront to help the needy and this time is no different, they are helping the people to fight the COVID-19 battle head-on by providing the necessary resources such as nutrition kits for pregnant women and babies and food ration for the elderly and minors.”

“We are attempting to set a World Record for the most people coming online from across the globe to eat MoMo simultaneously.”

He summed up, “We are running a virtual MoMo World Record event – a COVID-19 safe event to raise the funds to help COVID-19 victims in Nepal with the help of Nyanopan. We are attempting to set a World Record for the most people coming online from across the globe to eat MoMo simultaneously. We want to make this historic event happen to gain the maximum exposure in social and traditional media so that Our aim is to raise the maximum funds to help Nyanopan fulfill their noble deed of helping the underprivileged and vulnerable people in Nepal, especially the ones impacted by COVID-19.”

Through the zoom live meeting, the iconic volunteers captain Bijay Lama and Apara Thapa Bhattarai of Nyanopan said that they were proud to be associated with the phenomenal team of Australia and they were thankful to all involved in this mission dedicated to collect as many funds as possible to fight the battle against the dangerous upsurge of second phase of Covid-19 which has shaken Nepal.

The successful entrepreneur and another organiser Rahindra Shrestha viewed, “It is truly heartening to see the community proactively and spontaneously willing to donate money and provide with other forms of reliable assistance to the charity for the homeland affected by COVID-19. We are looking forward to the cooperation of the generous community and the passionate Momo lovers across the world to join in our team for the resounding success of this special event dedicated to a noble cause.”
The other organiser Ashish Raj Acharya, the young community campaigner and reputed volunteer viewed, “We passionate momo lovers are very proud to organize the press meet to announce that we are beginning the final countdown of the much-awaited event as an attempt to give encouraging momentum to our vision. As a huge fan of momo, I ate momos on countless numbers of times, and this time around I am eating momos for the charitable endeavor which will give me indescribable satisfaction and inspire me to contribute more to the Nepalese society living across the land. We are thankful to the gracious presence of all who have spared their valuable time to support and encourage us. All proceeds will go to the charity. We all are concerned to make Financial support available to help you manage the effects of the coronavirus.”

The successful entrepreneur cofounder of Everest Momo Australia Santosh Adhikari shared, ‘We feel honoured and privileged to be the platinum event partner of the distinguished campaign. We are very excited to see the incredible team, and all associated with it for making exceptionally impressive philanthropic efforts to make the event remarkably presentable. We are very thankful to the gracious presence of Australian national footballer Mustafa Amini, whom I invited to join in our campaign. The Australian soccer star obliged us with his inspiring and significant speech. We have also made websites for Nyanopan and we are planning to tie up with Nyanopan for future long-term commitment.”

In his message, the cofounder of Everest Momo Pramod Rimal said, “Through the united efforts we can win over this challenge too. We are all in it together during the pandemic and we are all trying to support each other to spread the message of safety and well-being and give something back to our home country. ”

Also present on the occasion were the young TV journalist Nabin Gautam, youth campaigners Bijay Paul, Roshan Khatiwada, John Sitoula, Anup Timilsina, Labin, Neetu Adhikari, Pratikshya Kuinkel and other momo loving community members.

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