Indian  News Channels Banned in Nepal

The Provocative Aggression of Indian media on Nepal Resulted in their Ban in Nepal.

The Indian news channels have been banned in Nepal as they continued the grossly malicious attack to damage the reputation of Nepal’s sovereignty and offend its national sensibilities through baseless, false, and deceptive news.

Multi System Operator (MSO) the PPP distributor of the foreign TV channels from Thursday 9 July evening has banned the telecast of all Indian News Channels except the Indian government-owned channel ‘Doordarshan’.

The Vice-President of Mega Max TV, Dhruba Sharma shared, “The leading TV operators including Dishhome, Megamax, DSN, Mero TV, spontaneously decided en masse to ban the broadcast of Indian news channels as they crossed the limit of broadcasting the misleading and objectionable contents to transmit anti-Nepal news and make an insulting remark to the Prime Minister of Nepal.

He added, “Now to shut down even the origin of the source of these video contents aired through the internet and those not registered in Nepal, we are planning to discuss with the Ministry of Communication.”The government of Nepal is seeking legal and political measures to deal with the hostile publicity triggered by the Indian media even going to the extent of linking to the Prime Minister of Nepal with the ambassador of China to Nepal.

Legal Procedure to be Consulted Against the Indian Media

The spokesperson of Nepal Government Dr.Yuvraj Khatiwoda told in the press meet organised to make the public announcement of the cabinet that the legal measures will be sought to tackle the propaganda of Indian media and at the moment there is no plan to impose ban on Indian media.