Memorandum Submitted to Government of Nepal Through the Embassy Demanding the Voting Right

Overseas Nepalese Forum, Australia president Keshav Joshi submitted the written memorandum to Ms. Durapada Sapkota, the acting Nepalese Ambassador to Australia.
Overseas Nepalese Forum, Australia president Keshab Joshi submitted the written memorandum to Ms. Durapada Sapkota, the acting Nepalese Ambassador to Australia.

Canberra, Overseas Nepalese Forum, Australia, (Prabasi Nepali Manch Australia) has urged the government of Nepal to make arrangements for the Non-Residential Nepalese to participate in the election in Nepal on the basis of their citizenship, passport, and identity card.

Overseas Nepalese Forum, International Committee took the initiative to submit the memoranda to the Ministry of External Affairs, Nepal and Ministry of Prime Minister office, Nepal through all the Nepalese Embassies across the world. Overseas Nepalese Forums, the well-wishers of Communist Party of Nepal (UML) made this demand through its network active all over the world.

A memorandum is submitted also in Australia to the Nepalese Embassy to Australia located in the capital city, Canberra. The team Overseas Nepalese Forum, Australia (ONFA) led by ONFA President Keshab Joshi arrived in Canberra and submitted the written memorandum to Ms. Durapada Sapkota, the acting Nepalese Ambassador to Australia.

On the occasion, President Joshi informed Ms. Sapkota that the team approached the Embassy hoping that even in Nepal long before what judgement the court pronounced that the government of Nepal should make voting arrangements for Nepalese living in the foreign land will be executed. In response, Ms. Sapkota said that she would straightaway forward the demands to the concerned department of the government of Nepal and she also always supports the view that no Nepalese citizen should be deprived of the right to choose future leadership.

ONFA team consisting of a significant number of social activists Dr. Binod Shrestha, Shishir Nepal, Santosh Dahal, Prakash Panthee, Narbir Nembang, Shiva Poudel,  Abhishek Uprety, Kishor Bhandari, Buddha Tamang, and Baburam Sharma attended this event.

Ramesh Pandey, the Overseas Nepalese Forum, International Committee Secretary shared, “Considering that it is unfair to set aside the Non-resident Nepalese, the prominent maker of the remittance, the backbone of Nepalese economy from the right to form the leadership in their homeland, the organisation has kicked off the campaign. In Nepal, the memoranda will be submitted to the Election Commission and Narayan Khadka, the Minister of Foreign Affairs. According to Pandey including Korea, Australia in many countries the memorandum is submitted.”

He further said, “Because of the differences in the time zones, in some countries they are submitted on Monday and in some countries it will be on Tuesday. This time we are determined to make the constant build-up of the pressure to make the decision of the court implement to secure the voting rights of the Nepalese living overseas.”

He added “In developed countries like the USA, Australia the rights of the citizens living beyond the national border are guaranteed in the election. They are offered the facility to cast their votes in the embassies and consular general offices. In addition, even the postal vote is arranged. In this regard, there is no question why it cannot be arranged for Nepalese citizens living overseas. What all we need is commitment and a positive mindset.”


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