Condolence Meet in Memory of Legendary Scholars of Culture and Sociology

Raju Manandhar
An editor at Nepalese Australian

Nepalese Indigenous Nationalities Forum Australia, (NINFA) held a memorial on 23rd October at 66 Princess St. NSW, in honour of the departed souls of Dr Satya Mohan Joshi and Prof Dr Om Gurung.

Sydney – Two national culture icons passed away in the span of two days in Nepal. Dr. Satya Mohan Joshi, the legendary scholar, academic, researcher, chancellor of the Nepal Bhasa, and the three times recipient of Madan Puraskar (one of the most prestigious awards in Nepal) passed away on 16 October. Prof. Dr. Om Gurung, the former head of the Central Department of Sociology and Anthropology, TU, Nepal, and the chairman of the Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities (NEFIN) passed away on 17 October.  In the wake of their departure for the final journey, Nepalese Indigenous Nationalities Forum Australia, (NINFA) held a memorial on 23rd October at 66 Princess St. NSW, in honour of the departed souls. One minute’s silence was observed at the beginning of the event.

NINFA Vice-President Ram Sipthungkha Rai set the tone of the program. From the chair, the leading community leader NINFA President Arun Tamang said, “Apparently, nothing can compensate for the loss of our guardian figures. They will be physically missed much but will continue to live on in their exceptionally inspiring, significant, and incredible contributions. The most suitable tribute to them is to follow the footprint of the legends who are always committed to contributing, selflessly, positively, and constructively to the growth and goodwill of ethnic culture, native identity, and the overall goodwill of homeland and all Nepalese living across the globe. Their philosophy and vision are equally suitable in Nepalese diaspora in Australia where the indigenous populations are making remarkable efforts to promote ethnic identity and contributing to the cultural campaign of Nepal.”

Chitra Tumbahangphe the Oceania Coordinator of Nepalese Indigenous Nationalities Forum Australia, (NINFA) expressed, “Nepal is still reeling under the shock so is our diaspora. The Nepalese community in Australia lost their two most beautiful souls and influential national personalities. They will be immortal in their works that reflect the decent beauty and value of the ethnic and cultural diversity of Nepal.”

Former Nepali Congress Jana Samparka Samiti, Australia President Chhiring Lama said, “Their demise is unfortunate for all Nepalese living across the world. Their legacy will continue to inspire future generations. The meaningful love and respect for the indigenous values they have championed for the ethnic populations, all communities, and native identity should be transmitted to our second generations as well as broader Australian communities.”

Guthi Australia President Umesh Napit put, “The departure of the gems of our homeland was very shocking. They will be much missed, but they will live on in the outstanding contributions they have made in their respective fields for the overall progress and goodwill of the indigenous communities in particular and Nepalese community in general.”

Nepali Samaj Australia Deputy Coordinator Upendra Shrestha viewed, “We are deeply shocked by the departure of the two most respectable and recognizable faces of our country. The significance of their service and delivery will be resonated for many years to come.  They have made an indelible impression on the preservation and upliftment of our culture with their ever-inspiring philanthropic deeds.”

Tamu Samaj General Secretary Arjun Gurung shared, “Nepalese community in Australia is deeply saddened by the passing away of the two great national figures. The void they have left can never be filled. Their era-defining contributions are unforgettable, and the country will acknowledge it proudly and respectfully.”

The memorial was attended by a considerable number of Nepalese ethnic populations and community members who paid floral tribute to their beloved and role-modeling national icons and cultural ambassadors.

The organiser also extended gratitude to the community organisations and community members who showed solidarity with them in a moment of profound grief.

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