Music Video Nepalai Jaun Jaun Lagccha Premiered in Sydney

Nepalai Jaun Jaun Lagccha penned by NRNA President Nanda Gurung,Deepak Kumar Khadka, Honorary Consul-General of Nepal in New South Wales
Nepalai Music Video Nepalai Jaun Jaun Lagccha नेपालै जाऊँ जाऊँ लाग्छ Premiered in Sydney, penned by NRNA President Nanda Gurung and sung by gifted versatile singer cum model Raman Regmi.

The much-anticipated music video Nepalai Jaun Jaun Lagccha नेपालै जाऊँ जाऊँ लाग्छ (I feel going to Nepal) premiered in Sydney on 28 September 2022.  It is penned by NRNA President Nanda Gurung and sung by gifted versatile singer cum model Raman Regmi. It has the leading music director Rajan Raj Siwakoti as the composer and reputed director Keshab Raj Bhatta as the music video director.

The music video Nepalai Jaun Jaun Lagccha shot in both Nepal and Australia featuring the artists from Nepal and Australia was unveiled in Sydney by Mr. Deepak Kumar Khadka, Honorary Consul-General of Nepal in New South Wales. The event, organized during Dashain has great significance, meaning, and relevance. Most of the Nepalese living abroad feel like going to Nepal more in Dashain, the biggest national festival of Nepal in which the reunion with family members is celebrated in a special manner.

The world premiere of the music video marked prominently by patriotism was held amid a lively and encouraging atmosphere. Presented by TechSkills -IT Career, the remarkable music video first of its kind in Nepalese diaspora in Australia, was released via Nepalhights YouTube channel. It features Aamesh Bhandari as the central character, Susmita Kunwar, etc. from Nepal and Aakriti Gautam, Jenisha Gautam, Sabala Basnet, Lekh Gurung, Nanda Gurung, Saru Tamang, etc. from Australia. The promising actor Aamesh portrays a serious role of the youth. The veteran actress Laxmi Giri’s role as the central character’s mother is impactful and her acting is very gripping. Aakriti Gautam representing the second generation in Australia also justifies her role with a good screen presence. The cultural dance sequences performed by Aamesh and Sushmita and the chorus line are spectacular and meaningful.

The chief guest Mr. Deepak Kumar Khadka said, “It always feels proud to attend the musical and cultural program which promotes our native identity and traditional heritage. It is heartening to see the activities in Nepalese community in Australia are going in the right direction and the NRNA President is making a great contribution to the Nepalese community through his worthwhile creativity. His song depicts the common emotion of all Nepalese living overseas.”

The essence of the music video

The central character “Nepalai Jaun Jaun Lagccha” obviously living abroad narrates his story in beautiful couplets -Every time I feel like going to Nepal. I love going to Nepal. Nepal is after all Nepal. I love it deeply. I feel that there is no country as lovely as Nepal in the world. I want to do something in the village and improve its cities.

The rhythmically composed song is of superior quality in terms of poetic diction and articulation. It has an uplifting melody and a soaring chorus. The lyric of high quality captures a wide range of patriotic emotions. The heart-captivating visual recordings encompass the songwriter’s nostalgic experience expressed through the breathtakingly fascinating native landscape and unique ethnic ethos and cultural spectrum.

Raman sings with effortless grace. He sings with a deep voice and easily reaches the high notes as demanded by the range of the song. Variations of mood and tonality characterized by trained vocal quality are worthy of appreciation. The singer’s texture of the voice is marked by a clear melody and tempos that are distinct from the supporting voices. He fully justifies the soulful song with a full-throated voice. He renders the song marked by organic folk rhythms with delightful brightness and enthusiasm.

The music perfectly fits into the stunning visuals, or the video amazingly compliments the music. The video communicates the spirit and theme of the song. The performers have put life into their roles and the characterization of the artists and setting is convincing. The storyline is very convincing. The images and music are well coordinated to connect them with the viewers. The video provides a visual representation of rustic beauty, elegance, purity, and simplicity and above all, it embodies the narration displaying ideal love between the parents and kids in the homeland. The well-choreographed dances reflect the local flavor, ethnic identity, and cultural richness. Professional camerawork and editing are employed.

The songwriter’s reflection

It is a multifaceted personality Nanda Gurung’s debut song. He said, “Most of us look back on the days we passed in our homeland with nostalgic fondness and appreciate the breathtakingly beautiful villages sitting in the lap of nature and the locations that boast babbling brooks, magical landscape, fresh breeze, burbling streams, diverse flora, and fauna, etc. While living overseas, we all miss these lovely elements. Patriotic sentiments which are uniform in us cause bring us together. We all have an emotional attachment to the birthplace which we miss like anything, and I tried to put that patriotic sentiment into words.”

“Nepalae Jaun Jaun Lagyo”, a music video penned by Nanda Gurung, sung by Raman Regmi, composed by Rajan Raj Siwakoti and directed by Keshab Raj Bhatta is unveiled in Sydney by Deepak Khadka Honorary Consul-General of Nepal in New South Wales
“Nepalae Jaun Jaun Lagyo”, a music video penned by Nanda Gurung, sung by Raman Regmi, composed by Rajan Raj Siwakoti and directed by Keshab Raj Bhatta is unveiled in Sydney by Deepak Khadka Honorary Consul-General of Nepal in New South Wales.

The singer cum actor’s view

The singer Raman Regmi said, “I am very proud to be a part of this wonderful project. Some time ago, respected Nanda Gurung called me and told me that he has written a song that I need to sing. I found the song, which was replete with patriotic values, excellent. I accepted the offer in no time and contacted the appropriate music director for it. I am proud to lend my voice to the promising song. I would like to thank you all for putting your trust in me and I hope I have performed up to your expectation.”

Music critic’s opinion

Raju Manandhar, the former chief of Lalit Kala Campus (Master’s in Fine Arts, TU, Nepal) said, “Every song has its story as every music video unfolds a person’s specific experience. The songwriter has put patriotic sentiments and distinguishing homeland fragrance into beautifully crafted words. He simply versifies his emotional experiences while living overseas. Raman has exceptional nice quality sounding voice quality, a singing attitude, and a passion for music. His distinction as a melodist will be approved by genuine music lovers. His ear soothing voice comes straight from his heart generating the natural emotion as the lyrics hold. His voice identifies with the central character of the music video. The silky vocal, flexible tone, voice range, and rendition of the song are worthy of appreciation.”

Former NRNA, Australia NCC member Babu Gautam shared his experience regarding the beautiful aspects of the inspiring music video and its far-reaching importance. Well-known journalist Rajan Ghimire said that the way Nanda Gurung made creations while living abroad too out of his extremely busy schedule was admirable. The music video will be much appreciated by all Nepalese living overseas and in Nepal too because of its ideas that connect the overseas and homeland.

The reputed youth campaigner, and music aficionado Bikash Jha, shares with www., “I take pride in joining the distinguished music video release event. It was a unique kind of musical celebration. It is going to be incredibly inspiring, joyous, emotional, and uplifting for everyone and on top of all the songs contain the love for and devotion to the motherland.”

Also present on the occasion were the NRNA NSW member Sabala Basnet, former NRNA, NCC member Roshan Ghale, the CEO of Tech-skills Dhiraj Bhadel, well-known entrepreneurs Bishnu Prabhat Sapkota and Babu Ram Gautam, reputed journalist Rajan Ghimire, singer cum model Naresh Regmi, Saru Gurung, etc.

Former NRNA, NCC, NSW youth coordinator, and renowned singer Bijay Paul and Hari Gurung entertained all present on the occasion with the cover versions on guitar.

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