SCCM Foundation Established to Help Disadvantaged International Students

Community members attending the fundraising event of SCCM Foundation in Sydney.
Community members attending the fundraising event of SCCM Foundation in Sydney.

 Sydney, July, SCCM Foundation was inaugurated amid an encouraging and lively atmosphere in Granville, Sydney. The fundraising dinner was organized to raise awareness and support for the foundation’s mission.

The spokesperson of the foundation Ms. Shreya Pandey set the tone of the launch party graced by the NRNA, Australia President Nanda Gurung as the chief guest. While explaining the purpose of the mission, she said, “It was organized to provide support and assistance to disadvantaged international students studying in Australia.”

Reflections of the Chief Guest

NRNA, Australia President Nanda Gurung while sharing his inspiring story of struggle in his early days in Australia as an international student said, “It is a wonderful evening meeting the young team of SCCM Foundation. I am impressed with the leadership skills, enthusiasm, motivation, and dynamism of the foundation President, the second-generation youth Shrishti Shah, and the team. It is a great start for the young team who will grow with the experience and achieve many things in their personal and professional lives. The main thing is they want to do something for students who face various difficulties being in a foreign country which is a great cause. I wish them the best of luck.”

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The viewpoint of the Newly Appointed President and Team

The young entrepreneur Shrishti Shah, the co-anchor of the event said, “I am honored and thankful to all for appointing me as the President of this foundation. I saw my parents struggle as international students when I was younger. Seeing my dad support my baby brother, me and my mother inspired me to continue to be an advocate for international students so that no other student, like my parents, would have to experience unusual difficulties.”

She further said, “The foundation will mobilize support from a variety of individuals, businesses, and agencies. Because the foundation is registered as a charity with DGR approval, the donors can deduct the amount of their donation from their taxable income when they lodge their income tax returns. The foundation will support students from all countries who have come to study. The foundation is accepting donations as it could play an important role in reducing the problem of international students. There are also new roles opening up for the foundation. I would like to encourage the willing participants to lend a helping hand and reach out to [email protected] to be a part of a noble and just cause such as this.”

The founder of the foundation, the provider of education, and renowned community leader Ms. Ranju Wagle Thapa delivered the final keynote of the event. She said, “We are very excited by the positive response from the concerned international students and cooperation from the valuable stakeholders of our community. One main objective of this campaign is to initiate Mental Health and well-being programs for vulnerable international students. They will be benefitted especially from mental health issues. Thanks to all generous contributors who made this event possible, and we look forward to your ongoing support and cooperation.”

The well-known education provider and the executive member Anu Regmi shared with “SCCM Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Australia, established to support students all around the world through finance, mental health awareness programs, and helping to stop domestic violence.

The Newly elected President Ms. Shrishti Shah sharing the vision and mission of SCCM Foundation
The Newly elected President Ms. Shrishti Shah sharing the vision and mission of SCCM Foundation

With nearly half a million students coming to Australia each year, it is highly likely that many of them will need financial and non-financial assistance during their stay and studies.   These students contribute to the economy directly and indirectly. It, therefore, falls on the shoulder of each Individual living in Australia temporarily or permanently to support this young population when needed. I especially urge businesses like CRICOS registered colleges and education agents who derive income from these students to donate to SCCM Foundation and give it back to the community.”

The renowned education provider and senior community leader Subansh Shah, the advisor of the foundation shared with,” We are honored to be its part and proud to cooperate with it to achieve our common goal.”

In the event organized in collaboration with Sydney City College of Management, Opera City English College, Australasian International Academy, Australian City International College, Railway Terrace Medical Practice, and Global Consult, good numbers of community members were present.

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