Northwest Nepalese Community Celebrating New Year 2078

Sydney, Northwest Nepalese Community (NNC)Incorporated, is a registered Non-profit social community-based organization (CBO) aiming to work with the community to preserve and promote Nepalese languages, cultures, and traditions through cooperation, integration and unity among the community members living in North West region of Greater Sydney. The promisingly growing organization holds various cultural programs and sports activities throughout the year.

NNC is a community group for the people residing Northwest Sydney region. It has started putting on together many community-based activities in a very short time and has various other activities in planning phases. As a young and growing company, it is not fully capable of running programs on its own, so it is reaching out to generous and good meaning promotors and sponsors time to time.  It requests all well-wishers to help it and support it whichever way they can by offering financial, technical supports, etc. or to provide equipment and assist on grants application or on hall bookings, etc. NNC would like to appreciate the assistance of any form and shape coming from the much considerate and understanding community organisations and individuals.

NNC Nepalese New Year Celebration, 2078

NNC is staging NNC Nepalese New Year Celebration, 2078 in association with Bhandari Group of Companies on 16 April, Friday at 45, Riverbank, Dr, The Ponds NSW 2769.  Popular artists will be performing cultural programs along with kids entertainment, dinner, etc.  There also will be Non-stop DJ after 9 pm. The secretary  of the clubBabuBagaleshared with, “The club is thankful to the community for showing overwhelming support to make the program a grand success as the event is fully booked. The way all tickets are sold out shows that we have been tremendously supported by the entire community and we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all respected stakeholders including the generous sponsors, and community members and we are looking forward to their continued understanding and cooperation and work collaboratively for the overall progress and good will of our proud community.”

It has accomplished some community spirited events and aims to accomplish upcoming activities engaging the important stakeholders of the community to promote community-cooperation and social harmony through cultural activities and sports.

Community- Oriented Cultural Events

  1. Nepalese New Year celebration (April 16, 2021 from 6 PM onwards at The Ponds Community Hub)
  2. Upcoming – Teej Celebration (August)
  3. Dashain, Tihar – Deusi (Dipawali) Celebration, (October / November)
  4. New Year Celebration / BBQ (December /January)
  5. Kids Dance class (in planning phase)
  6. Kids Martial Arts Class (in Planning phase)

Sporting Events

  1. Football

NNC BhakundoBhoot FC is NNC’s community-based soccer club and more than 65 members have been associated to this club.  The soccer enthusiasts play this very attractive and popular game every Saturday morning and Sunday evening at Peel Reserve. The Club is making good efforts to find a permanent ground to play.

  1. Tennis

Northwest Nepalese Tennis Club – is our community-based Tennis club and approximately 40 players are playing on Saturday mornings (practice match) and Sunday evenings (recreational match) in 3 different groups.