Under New Law Exam Dodgers Likely to Face Heavy Fine and Imprisonment

Nepalese Australian

The cheaters involved in the business of doing exams or writing assignments for the university students will be punished by a heavy fine and imprisonment according to the new law passed.

The legislation which came into force on Friday 4 September will treat the providers or advertisers of the academic frauds in higher education as the serious offenders.

Those who disobey the law are expected to face up to two years’ imprisonment or a penalty up to $ 100,000.

The Hon Dan Tehan, Minister for Education said, “The growing availability of academic cheating services posed a significant threat to the integrity and reputation of higher education in Australia. The law targets cheating service providers and advertisers – not students. Students caught cheating will continue to face the conduct and disciplinary processes of their individual institution. Organised cheating threatens the integrity of our universities and undermines the hard work done by honest students.”

The Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency will administer the new law, which includes intelligence gathering, blocking overseas cheating websites and pursuing prosecutions, and educating providers to develop prevention strategies.