Workshop to be Held to Promote Spiritual Healthcare

Melbourne, Nepalese Association of Victoria (NAV) is putting together on a 7 week-long work shop for the overall well-being of the community. It will be held from 5pm – 6:pm since 11/10/20.

Significance of the Workshop

The NAV President Ram Gurung said, “Stillness and solitude or isolation have exposed us to discord in our minds, which start to chatter away, creating a sense of disturbance. Negative thoughts and feelings emerge, especially during uncertain times, when there are urgent and real concerns about job security, family members and financial stability. So, we came up with the session related to the spiritual healing for peace of mind for our community.

Our goal is to make the public aware of self-strength, the power of acceptance, living in present, appreciation of small things, trust in self, reframing the physical and mental situation through spirituality.” He further reflected, “When you run, you fall down. But if you trust your feet, your feet will start trusting you.

Similarly, if you trust your inner power, it will naturally trust you and you will get back without falling on the ground. That is why the Spirituality Introduction ‘to know ourself’ is important. Once you realize yourself and build strong relationship with self, other things will start unfolding gradually. Hence, you won’t be needing any materialistic guidance to guide you, your inner eyes will show you the right path.”

‘The Activities During one Year or total 37 weeks’ Workshop

He added,”Basically, our workshop will take place every week from 5pm – 6:pm from 11/10/20 for 7 weeks. From 8th week onwards, we will be doing fortnightly or just 2 times a month, we are trying to make accessible for everyone. For remaining weeks, we will be focusing more on activities as well as learn different types of meditations, healing and yoga (movement meditation) along with spiritual discourse for self-growth.

There are retreat, lots of fun activities, healing and spiritual discourse from our team and with guidance of well-known Spiritual Leaders from all over Australia. So, we hope that you would join us to support a noble cause and promote the overall health of our community. We will be looking forward to seeing our Nepali community to take step to raise and help others to raise.”