In Loving Memory of Tika Karki, the Pioneering Torchbearer

Raju Manandhar
An editor at Nepalese Australian

Tika Karki, the renowned host of Himalayan Radio, ‘the first Nepalese voice in Australia’, and the committed community worker of the Nepalese Diaspora in Australia has passed away. The heartbroken and bereaved community has paid their last tribute to the pioneering journalist Tika Karki (1976-2021).

When someone truly adorable or easily the best soul departs for the last journey, we simply tend to rush headlong that it denies the ultimate truth – Every living being’s final destination is death. Even the momentary imagination of the fear of losing favourite beings moves us to tears. Apparently, nothing can compensate for the loss of a loved one.

The nearest and dearest departed relatives and friends force us to slip our mind that a man’s journey is from the cradle to the grave. Birth and death are inseparable. One who has life ends in death. One of the most reputed and meritorious literary figures of all times William Shakespeare viewed,” All that live must die, passing through nature to eternity. Renowned scholar Thomas Fuller remarked, ‘The first breath is the beginning of death.’ Death is a debt we all must pay. – Euripides. The most reputed psychologist in the world Sigmund Freud told, ‘The Goal of life is death.’ We want to scream to skies in immense desperation denying all these thought-provoking death quotes.  When we recover from the tragic shock, it slowly but surely dawns on us that when a lovely soul leaves us following the law of the nature, he goes to the Heaven and our life and world are blessed with lasting relief. Our paths are illuminated by the light he has left behind. Though all would hate to guide a pen over the paper on such occasion, here’s a tribute in keeping with the cultured tradition.

Ode to the Beautiful Soul: our Dearly Beloved Tika me Mate

One in community put absolute faith

Ahead of time, drawn his last breath.

Ill-omened, news broke, the moment,

I like all folks was filled with torment.

As departed your life,Tika dear mate,

Left all tearful n’ sheer unfortunate

Out of nowhere came as a terrible blow

Heart and mind benumbed and felt low

When we lost ya, we all are close ta tear,
Ya predestined to leave us back oh dear!
What will be the fella human beings’ fate?
‘Neva thought God’s better plan for ya mate.

When the special loved one departed,
We are left forlorn and broken-hearted.
Reason reveals broke you away from all flesh n’ blood,
Emotion heals you joined the eternal journey with God.

Tho’ you’ve gone beyond us, far far away,
Within our  heart ‘n soul, forever you’ll stay.
the warmest footsteps you’ve left behind
we try to follow tho’ one we will never find.

The flower has gone to join the unfailing spring,
leaving the eternal fragrance in our every being.
Integrity and simplicity will not fade to invisibility,
Inevitability  merged into immortality  for eternity.

I reckon and you all agree eh’s forever blest,
set off for eternal truth’s and justice’s quest.
We are proud to live in ya enduring songs’ memories
In our souls ye’ll linger on the endless flow of melodies.

Now, know you’ve gone to the region blest,

Where with the angels ye’reeternally in rest,

The world we’ve to live without your presence,

Will nev’r be the same again sans yer bestsense.

Heaven’schosen gift to us, departed for the eternity,

By this time, you may ‘ve attained a peaceful serenity.

God is sending to us his best angels from high above,

To wipe our tears away n teach us respect, serve n love.

Flood of yer beautiful  memories will be cherished,
remain in our heart as treasure, tho’ you’ve perished.
Apart but your infectious smile will be missed always,
You n’ the values you lived for will remain as sunrays.

May you Rest in Peace in the Promised Land

The excellent soul lived his life fully immersing in its best aspects and made most of everything with positive mindset and optimistic approach. He achieved immortality and joined the journey of eternity through his consummate works in the best interest of the people he valued and vice versa. Leading a blameless life, he did not seek attention he simply deserved. He never failed to make time to listen, share advice and brighten the lives of fellow human beings in the community he was proud of. He was in every way peace-loving with a capital P.

A True Community Hero

Extrovert and proactive, he would be always around when we needed and contributed to make our genuine living culture more comfortable and meaningful. The public-spirited-gentleman was reputed for having boundless energy and positive enthusiasm to contribute to enhance the standard and reputation of our community. Bright and breezy as ever, he did all he could to help our brethren and journalists’ fraternity. As he always put the community first, his presence brightened up our day.  Pure and noble social work was always at top of his agenda. He was always willing to sacrifice personal happiness and ambition on the altar of social service. Alter ago to all, was a continuous source of inspiration to all. One leading community member precisely summed up his personality in a golden phrase, ‘a true community hero.’ Heartfelt tribute and eternal salute to the departed soul!

The Nobel laureate, Bertrand Russel held, ‘Death is not a problem; it has no solution.’ Death hath ten thousand several doors for men to take their exits – John Webster. The song is ended, but the melody lingers on – Irving Berlin.

Flowers wither, will remain the seeds,

Ye’re immortal in all yer excellent deeds.