Mother’s Day: Services and Business of Nepalese Florists

Flower City has a huge collection of flower bouquets on Mother’s Day 2022.
Flower City has a huge collection of flower bouquets on Mother’s Day 2022.

Sydney, Located at Franklin Street, Westmead, NSW, Flower City is a renowned florist’s shop run by the Nepalese entrepreneur. It is indeed the first of its kind in Nepalese diaspora in Australia. Apparently, the unique business is regarded as the only floristry run by the Nepalese in Oceania. Floristry is considered a significantly flourishing business in Australia. It is nothing out of the ordinary as limited investment and simple management are often enough to run this business. It has enormous potential for the new entrepreneurs. However, no other Nepalese entrepreneurs seem to have practically taken interest to embark on this career or profession.

Values of flowers in human lives

Mankind has always been fascinated by flowers in all ages. Flowers have great appeal for the people of all ages, genders, and tastes. They are the best gift of Heaven. Their beauty reflects on nature and human lives. Generally, flowers are put in a vase in a house to spread their sweet smell and enhance the interior decoration of the house.  On various occasions, they are used for specific purposes. It is used purposefully in different social events such as the baby shower, wedding, funeral etc. Their fragrance fills the atmosphere with sweetness and delight. Right from the ancient time, flowers have been very popular mainly among women. Even in modern time, they use flowers as the fashion accessory.

Different flowers bloom in different seasons and they create the colourful collage of scenic beauty which enchant our eyes and heart. They enhance the beauty of nature and the interior of the house. Some flowers have medicinal properties which are cheaper than the medicine found in the pharmacy. Flowers are known for the magical effect. A simple gift of flowers can win the heart of the people and strengthen and deepen the relationship. In many cultured communities including Nepalese community, flowers are offered to the elders as the sign of respect and to the juniors as the sign of blessings.

A journey from the junior worker to managing director

Santosh Adhikari a young, committed entrepreneur in floristry shared with NepaleseAustralian, “My career in this business has its origin in August 2008, when I worked for Sydney Flower Market. I started working as a junior worker from January 2010 in Flower City established in Westmead in 1982. I took over the business in April 2013 and now I am working as the Managing Director. Though I am a solopreneur my wife Nitu Neupane, the first professional florist in our community, has been working with the equal responsibility and looking after the business as the operational manager and even working in the role of a salesperson.”

He further said, “In fact, I run the marketing department and distribution of the business. Nitu’s hard work, dedication, diligence, passion, and vision above all can-do attitudes are the key to the overall progress, success, and goodwill of our enterprise. She works as a team worker and emphasizes the process of working collaboratively with her staff to achieve the common goal fostering the mutual respect and cooperation. I always find her treating her staff as the pillars of business. The degree holder in MBS, MPA, and professional floristry shares her business knowledge and skills with the staff and has been open to any reasonable suggestion and ready to learn from them. She loves giving them a sense of purpose in the business.”

The business aiming to provide better range of services

Santosh, the entrepreneur in multiple sectors asserted, “Our florist’s shop, as the provider of the quality flowers, has been consistently selling fresh flowers and offering same day fresh flower delivery or delivering orders to customers’ homes at wholesale prices far and wide in Sydney. The shipping rates start from $4.99 only. As the retailer and wholesaler, we are making concerted efforts to excel in floral designing, arranging the flowers, merchandising, displaying attractively and delivering including providing professional services to their valued customers across Sydney.”

He added, “Our business has a huge range of flower arrangements for all occasions including birthdays, newborn, parties, anniversaries, funerals, and sympathy flowers, or get well soon or just thanking someone for their favour. The customers are buying cheerful birthday blooms, thoughtful Mother’s Day arrangements, stunning anniversary bouquet, and many more. We offer a large selection for sympathy and funeral, including funeral wreath, funeral heart, funeral cross, casket cover, sprays, and sympathy floral baskets for the home. We have made good preparation for a large variety of flower arrangements for ordinary use and special occasions.”

The evolution of business through challenges

Santosh viewed, “Before we took over the business, we did comprehensive research. First year in the business, it was really tough as we were less accustomed to it, but we were resilient towards it and committed to producing positive outcome. Now, our business is significantly growing and at the same time, we have gained more expertise in our industry. We supply fresh flowers bouquets to 25 supermarkets as a wholesaler and we have the biggest flower shop in Western Sydney from where we serve some of the reputed business, university and government organisations and have a strong online presence where we receive orders from around the globe. We did really well during pandemic when so many businesses were struggling very hard for survival. The he most important things which makes us happy is we are bringing smiles on thousands of our customers.”

A business adding dignity and quality to the community

He described the success and purpose of his business, “I attribute the success of my business to Nitu’s exceptional enthusiasm and positive efforts that has caused us to go from strength to strength and offered us the hope that we can go very far. We believe that the team will enjoy the reward of the team spirit. We try to promote the clarity of purpose of this business. We always believe that we should build a community of like-minded professionals and entrepreneurs so that we can learn from the performance and advancement of other firms and grow together by sharing their passion to move forward to achieve common aim.”

Flower City

The florist duo is devoted to display and arrange the flowers very attractively in their store. They are proud of their floral designing, merchandising and delivery. Though they have specialized in flower-only outlet, they sell online too. Their strength of income is selling the flowers wholesale to IGA, big retail store located at Mays Hill close to Parramatta CBD and online selling.

The responsibility of Nepalese pioneer in floristry

He expressed his curiosity, “We have hardly seen any Nepalese migrants aspiring to involve in floristry.  We would like to motivate other Nepalese to join this business as it holds enormous opportunities and future for Nepalese professionals and entrepreneurs. We mean to motivate Nepalese business aspirants and share with the scope and significance of this business which many Nepalese are not acquainted with. We also would like to establish social entrepreneurship, accountability and foster corporate social responsibility.”

The projects in the pipeline

He talked about the current position of Flower City and unfolded the upcoming plans “We are importing more flowers to cater the customers’ demand. We have already started importing dry flowers from China. We are making extensive research on more flowers and make all major kinds of flowers available. I always take into consideration how people look at the florist industry and want to discuss about this almost unresearched business in our community and explore new and promising avenues which may contribute to certain prosperity and goodwill of our community.”

He added further, “There are multiple opportunities in novel kinds of businesses in Australia. I am devoted to it single-mindedly as the promotion of flowers is my single point agenda and I want to motivate the young people from Nepalese community to join this industry and provide them the entry point to this business and grow together as we alone are feeling overload of the businesses. We would like to bring about the positive change in this business, the road less travelled by, expecting more and more Nepalese taking interest in this industry and I would like to share my business experience and expertise in this field with all concerned and learn from them. We are hopeful that this business has great promise in store for our community and many of us can prosper together in this business.”

It is never too late to do good things and achieve aim

He remarked, “I joined the business late, but I was determined to accomplish the work coming my way. Whenever I have an opportunity and get the forum, I share my story or the journey that has its origin in zero. I am always fascinated by the saying, “The manner of travelling is more exciting than reaching at the destination.” I would like to put my heart and soul in the process and the rest will pave the way for the destination.”

The practice of spirit of multiculturism

He discussed about the multicultural environment in Flower City, “People of different nationalities are mixed together in my business. There are staff from different communities such as South Americans, Middle East, European, Chinese, Indian, Nepali including the Australians. Nepalese are into different businesses and professions. They have the tendency to join the industry in which there are huge populations are already competing in the similar kind of market.”

The professional florist Zahra Amini of Nicaraguan (South American) heritage reflected, “I have known Mr. Santosh Adhikari for more than 12 years.  The special friend of mine is hardworking, polite, respectful, and very caring to everyone working in the Flower City. We have homely environment in the store, and he always makes all the staff feel like a part of the family.  He greets customers and us with his big smile and makes our day. I have had an opportunity to share beautiful and fruitful moments all these years with him and his beautiful family.”

 Goodwill earned from the Entrepreneurs of other communities

 Aldo Vumbaca, the Managing Director of Commercial Flowers expressed, “What makes Santosh stand out from the crowd is the way he lights up the room when he enters. It is the polite manner, can-do attitude, and relentless pursuit to be a perfectionist in business dealings, all the while keeping the highest moral standards, which makes him so special. He should also be commended on the charitable work that he undertakes for his homeland of Nepal and his fellow countryman. His happy, infectious, smile speaks volumes to the man’s strong moral and cheerful character. I am proud to call him my friend and I am a richer person for knowing him. I own and operate my company and have been pleasantly dealing with Santosh for many years over many business transactions, always in profitable outcomes for both. Santosh truly natures gentlemen.”
Michael Bagala, the Grower/ Director of Bagala Brother Pty.Ltd said, “I’ve been lucky enough to meet Santos back in 2008 when he started the markets he came across as a very energetic and positive person, it’s great to see him use those strengths in his future and created his very successful business.”

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