Nepalese Australian Community Fundraising Dinner for the Disabled Children of Nepal

Sydney, Feb 28, The fundraising campaign is going to be organised in Sydney to arrange wheelchairs for Nepalese kids with disability. Organised by Kids on Wheels Alliance inc., the Nepalese Australian community fundraising dinner event is going to be held on Sunday, 6 March.

The last round of preparation for the event is well underway. The community is coming together to achieve the common aim.

The Hon. Shaoquett Moselmane MLC Parliament of New South Wales, Chair – Kids on Wheels Alliance inc, in association with Consulate General of Nepal in NSW Hon. Deepak Khadka has taken the initiative to arrange wheelchairs for disabled kids in Nepal.

Australian Leader’s Initiative to champion the charity event

MLC Moselmane shared with Nepalese Australian, “We are motivated to launch this campaign to provide wheelchairs to the kids whose mobility is limited due to their disability. The unfortunate kids are unable to move as a result of their disability but that is not their fate. In Nepal, many poor parents are not able to see their disabled kids while they are at work far from their house. They must leave their kids at home and sometimes there is none to look after them. If the parents have access to wheelchairs, they can take their kids to the workplace and give them parental care keeping them nearby.  This way the kids and parents may have a good time together which will instil a love for life in these kids. I feel humbled and proud to have been a part of the charity organisation which has been sending wheelchairs to many countries such as Lebanon, China, Iraq, Libya, etc. for many years. I believe that it is a decent philanthropic effort as anything.”

He further said, “We feel that if we serve the unfortunate kids who have no reliable support system for their mobility, we would like to appeal to all respected members of the Nepalese community to help us so that we can help the needy children living across Nepal.  In Australia, we are privileged to have world-class health care and earn good money which inspires us to offer help to disabled people living in poor circumstances. We are planning to send at least 200 wheelchairs each of which may cost about $100.  In the capacity of the chair of Kids on Wheels Alliance inc, I would like to request all Nepalese living across Australia to join us in the Nepalese Australian Community Fundraising Dinner Event organized in association with the Consulate General of Nepal to NSW Deepak Khadka in support of Wheelchairs for Disabled Nepalese Children. We have taken this humanitarian initiative to engage the charity spirited communities. We may not have the capacity to arrange such reliable support for them but collectively we can succeed in our mission.  Every individual may not be wealthy enough, but decent and beneficent people are always there to show their solidarity with the charity campaigners. The ticket for the dinner costs $100. Every donation has been made tax-deductible.”

“We may not be wealthy enough, but decent and beneficent people are always there to show their solidarity with the charity campaigners. The ticket for the dinner costs $100. Every donation has been made tax-deductible.”

Contributions of Nepalese Diaspora in Australia

Consulate General of Nepal in NSW Hon. Deepak Khadka said, “We have decided to collaborate with the very reputed and established charity organisation in Australia. Wheelchairs numbering about 200 will be handed to the illustrious charity organisation in Nepal, Child Development Society (CDS) which will deliver to the needy kids across Nepal. For the last one and half decades, I have been in contact with the MPs representing different political parties and interacted with them for charitable works. The Hon. Shaoquett Moselmane launched the exemplary and significant event. We are very proud to be part of the cooperative efforts and thankful to him and Kids on Wheels Alliance inc. We are travelling to Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Nepal on the mission. The wheelchairs will reach Nepal tentatively in mid-April before our team lands in Nepal. It is heartening to see many community members join to make the event a grand success.”

He added, “A few years ago, we launched a similar kind of charity event. We sent many Australian-made wheelchairs to Nepal via one charity organisation based in Perth. Nepal based Karuna Foundation handed the wheelchairs to the needy kids in Nepal, but we had to pay $11800 as the transport charge. We are overwhelmed by the support and acknowledgement offered to us. This time we are buying the wheelchairs from China.  The disabled kids’ parents are pebble breakers and carpet cleaners. The kids will go to school in wheelchairs. We are happy that we are providing those wheelchairs to the needy kids through the purely philanthropic organisation or non-political organisation, Child Development Society.  This time we aim to send a minimum of 200 numbers, and this will serve as the confidence-building element for them. Recently similar kind of event was held in the Pakistani community in Australia. We are excited to involve in the significant fundraising fund for the poor children of Nepal and visit Nepal and South Asian countries with the committed philanthropist The Hon. Shaoquett Moselmane MP, NSW, who took the exemplary initiative, and we are coordinating him to help a noble cause.”

Australian Nepalese Journalist Association (ANJA) president and renowned community leader Rishi Acharya said, “We are putting in this community fundraising dinner event together in support of Wheelchairs for Disabled Nepalese Children. The poor children’s mobility is limited because of the lack of wheelchairs. Our community is making positive efforts to arrange the resources for the needy kids. If we can make the wheelchairs available at the right time and appropriately, it will be of great comfort to the mobility of disabled kids. When they can move via a wheelchair, they have the confidence to add meaning and purpose to their life. We are looking forward to reasonable support of all community members.”

The Vision for Motivation (VMF) president and renowned youth campaigner Mahesh Prasai aka Max who has been remarkably volunteering his humble community service said, “We are very excited to organise fundraising dinner for disabled children of Nepal.  The poor kids cannot move about if they do not get easy access to wheelchairs. The wheelchairs will facilitate the disabled kid to get access to open areas like the parks, grounds, etc and even may arouse enthusiasm for the sports competitions for the athletes with disabilities.  It is high time to show solidarity with the community campaigners to help a noble cause and bring some sunshine into the lives of disabled kids. When the wheelchairs get in Nepal, we have to monitor to make sure that the genuine kids are getting access to them on time.”

Community Fundraising for the Children of Nepal

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