Final Countdown to Nepalese Australian Multicultural Harmony Celebration

Raju Manandhar
An editor at Nepalese Australian
Nepali Kala Sanskriti tatha Sahitya Pratisthan (NKSSP) is holding an event “Nepalese Australian Multicultural Harmony Celebration” mULTICULTURAL nEPALESE cOMMUNITY IN aUSTRALIAN , nEPALESE aUSTRALIAN, hARMONY dAY
Nepali Kala Sanskriti Tatha Sahitya Pratisthan (NKSSP) is holding an event “Nepalese Australian Multicultural Harmony Celebration”

Sydney, 4 June, Nepali Kala Sanskriti Tatha Sahitya Pratisthan (NKSSP) is holding an event “Nepalese Australian Multicultural Harmony Celebration” with the assistance of the Australian Government and NRNA, NSW, SCC on 11th June 2022 at Marrickville Town Hall, 303 Marrickville Road, Marrickville, NSW.

NKSSP, a leading community organization in the Nepalese diaspora in Australia, has been consistently and remarkably delivering in the best interest of Nepalese art, literature, and culture engaging Nepalese belonging to different ethnic groups. It has been working in collaboration with the diasporic communities of other countries and the mainstream community of Australia to celebrate Nepalese Australian Multicultural Harmony. The local councils and the Australian government also have acknowledged its illustrious and momentous activities in a very encouraging and notable way.

Press Meet to Share the Last Round of Preparation

In the recently held press meet chaired by the pioneering community leader NKSSP President Sujata KC, the event program coordinator NKSSP Vice President Sima Rosi (Bhagwati Acharya) in her welcome speech flowed the information of the event and shared the significance and value of the “Nepalese Australian Multicultural Harmony Celebration” with the journalists and the community members. The project manager Rosi expressed, “The event will be graced by MP Hon Mark Coure, Multicultural Minister NSW as the chief guest, chargé d’affaires and Acting Ambassador of Nepal to Australia, Kul B. Magar, Consulate General of Nepal to NSW Deepak Khadka, Mayor Darcy Byrne, and Multicultural NSW representative and Community Engagement Officer Luke Boulos. Nepalese are rich in cultural diversity, and with this event, the non-Nepalese communities living in Australia will have an opportunity to promote their glorious cultural practices and appreciate the cultural spectrum of the wider community including the mainstream community of Australia. The event will showcase the diversity of the ethnic communities of Nepal such as Tamu, Newar, Thakali, Kirat, Magar, Limbu, etc., and it aims to connect Nepalese diverse cultures with the proud ethnic communities from different countries such as India, China, Brazil, Russia, and Spain and the proud Aboriginal Australians, the indigenous community of Australia.”

She further said, “In the program line-up, there will be youth and adult performance of about 15 dances, music, and dramas reflecting various Nepalese art, literature, and culture and the cultural demonstrations of other diasporic communities. NKSSP has been presenting different art, literature, and culture-oriented activities such as Bhanu Jayanti, Tij program, and publishing a magazine Prabash ko Paila (Overseas Step) and with this historic event, we will have yet one more proud feather in our cap. A great civilization thrives on some form of social harmony and ethnic values. It is everyone’s responsibility to create healthy social harmony. All communities irrespective of their background are being integrated into the development of Australia. The decent policies and provision of the Australian government’s multiculturalism can be adapted to suit our cultural values and native identity.”

NKSSP President’s Expression of Acknowledgement

From the chair, NKSSP President Sujata Basnet offered a vote of thanks. She said, “I personally and on behalf of the team would like to thank all journalists, and community members for your kind presence and enthusiastic participation. We are thankful indeed to all who have been consistently extending their helping hands to make all the events organized by NKSSP highly presentable and successful. We look forward to your continued cooperation and support to celebrate the grand occasion with remarkable participation. We would like to acknowledge the Australian government for the grant given to encourage multiculturalism.”

She added, “The organizing committee consisting of the event manager Sima Rosi, NRNA, Australia Vice-President and NSW coordinator, and Joint-secretary Rakesh Joshi is carrying forward the last round of preparation.  We are thankful to the Multicultural NSW for granting $ 10,000 for this event. We have left our homeland physically to choose Australia as our home, but emotionally and spiritually we are always connected to our native soil and team NKSSP is proud to preserve and promote our art, literature, and culture in our diaspora in Australia and we will remain thankful to the entire Nepalese community and look forward to everyone’s continued support and cooperation. I would like to extend special thanks to our Vice-President Sima Rosi who made an exceptional effort for the Cumberland council and Multicultural NSW grants and the reputed community leader NRNA, NSW coordinator Deb Gurung for his truly reliable support and help as ever. The main objective of this event is to promote positive and purposeful interaction and unity among the Australian communities.”

She concluded, “In 2019, NKSSP organised the multicultural program with the grant offered by Cumberland Council, and this year we are taking a step ahead to undertake a more significant project of multiculturalism with the assistance of an Australian government grant. When we preserve and promote the rich heritage and native culture of our community, we can strengthen our coordinated relationship and unity with other communities and impress one another with a unique native identity. When we celebrate our art, culture, and literature, there will be greater participation of the other communities.”

The Appeal of the NKSSP Executive Members

The Cultural Vice President John Shrestha said, “I have been performing on my own to promote art and culture in our community but now that I have been appointed official in the leading and esteemed organization, I am more committed to contributing to the overall development and goodwill of multiculturalism in Australia with direct involvement. I am very excited to work industriously and actively with the pioneering community members of the team and its associates. Drama performances based on the burning issues such as domestic violence, girls’ transition, challenges of adulthood, Nepalese ethnic fashion shows, speech shows, and Nepalese food stalls will be the major highlights of the day. This kind of presentation and participation will encourage the new generation to also be aware of our proud cultural heritage and we have an opportunity to establish our unique identity among the other migrant communities. Hope to see you all for the magical experience.”

The executive member and first lady of NRNA, NSW, SCC, Kumari Gurung said, “We hope that while living in the multicultural community in Australia, we have an appropriate opportunity to learn the art and culture of other communities and we can promote our native culture and understand the intra-cultural diversity and expand the horizon of our relationship with the wider community and make our presence felt in the mainstream community of Australia too. Our united effort is very important to fulfill our common aim. We would like to appeal to all to join us in our common celebration.”

Vote of Thanks by the NKSSP Advisor

Non-Residential Nepalese Association, (NRNA) Australia Vice-President and NSW coordinator Dev Gurung offered the vote of thanks, “Nepalese are famous for helping each other when needed. They are passionate about promoting collective peace and growth and coexisting peacefully having decent goodwill toward all the communities. No one is bigger than us all. We believe that this kind of program will play an important role for the Nepalese living in a multicultural country to respect and appreciate the shared values of other communities. The interaction among the multicultural communities and the exchange of art and culture will enhance and strengthen the worth of our community. We would like to request all to participate in this event.”

He concluded, “Team NRNA, NSW, and NCC feel honoured and proud to be a part of this inspiring and significant event and contribute positively to the overall social harmony and ethnic values. Multiculturalism is the principal heritage of our homeland Nepal. Diversity is synonymous with our national identity. If we sincerely practise the principle ‘of diversity in unity, we can enjoy meaningful and genuine peace and prosperity. It is always heartening to see the Nepalese community and all diasporic communities in Australia promote their own culture positively and constructively showing appropriate respect to other organizations and they sincerely mean to contribute to the overall success and goodwill of our society with the spirit of mutual respect and cooperation. We are committed to the spirit of multiculturalism of the great country of Australia and proud to adopt it while promoting our diasporic culture. Nepal, like Australia, is a multicultural country. Our community has a sacred commitment to the values of multiculturalism. Multiculturalism acknowledges many distinct cultural or ethnic groups coexisting in harmony within a society. A multicultural society supports the view that many distinct cultures are good and desirable for the overall progress of any society. We have good reasons to believe that we can continue to have the reliable understanding and favor of our well-meaning community. We would like to request all to attend the program which we are all proud of.”

Also present on the occasion were Hemanta Kafle, the Australian Nepalese Journalist Association (ANJA) Patron, and Raju Manandhar, the editor of

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