Nepali New Year Greeting from Jodi McKay NSW Opposition Leader

Jodi Mckay
Jodi Mckay NSW opposition leader

Sydney, On behalf of NSW Labor party, its leader Jodie Mckay has sent the New Year or Nava Barsha greeting and best wishes to the Australian Nepalese Diaspora on the occasion of Bikram Era 2078.

In the message, she has stated that it is an important celebration for the entire Nepalese diasporas living across the world and it is time to enjoy the gathering of family and friends for renewing and strengthening of tradition and rituals and pass to the next generation.

Last year was difficult for all because of COVID 19 pandemic which limited the celebrations. She thanked everyone for following the health advice of Australian government and worked to keep the Australian community safe.

She is happy that this year the festivities will be different and enjoyed by all. She also acknowledged the great contributions made by Nepalese Australian community to the multicultural Australian community many of which call NSW their home.

Nepali New Year Greeting from Jodi McKay NSW Opposition Leader