The Special Editorial: Congratulations to Nepal and all Nepali on Achieving Historic Unity and Patriotism

Raju Manandhar
An editor at Nepalese Australian

Nepalese politics has seen unprecedented unity in the country’s history.  If this distinguished sense of national unity goes from strength to strength, Nepal will be easily capable of overcoming any upcoming challenges.

It is very unusual that there arises an environment without opposition in the multi-party democracy or political system with the majority approach.

All 258 lawmakers present in the meeting assembly voted for the bill without any vote against it. It was more than a two-thirds of the majority(184 is the two-thirds of the Lower House) It will come into effect once it is endorsed by the National Assembly and the President of Nepal authenticates it.

Nepal has experienced this out of the ordinary. This unanimous approval and unity have dispelled all the doubts and anxiety which till this date have surrounded the political parties and leaders in the issues of nationality and patriotism. It has convincingly substantiated that the leaders and political parties are genuinely patriotic in the truest sense of the word.

On the sitting day of 13th June, The House of Representatives has unanimously endorsed the second amendment of the constitution of Nepal to include the revised map of Nepal in its new political map.

It has retained the country’s new political map in the national emblem as fixed in the map of Nepal with  its border arranged in the Sugauli Treaty held between East India Company and Nepal on 13 March 1816 and made it a part of the republic constitution of Nepal.  Big congratulations to Nepal on the supreme unity demonstrated in favor of the territorial integrity and national sovereignty.

The political parties representing different ideologies such as Communist, Congress, Madhesh-centric, Ethnicity-centred, and Royalists all have stood together in solidarity in this issue setting aside their respective political agendas. In this sense, all Nepalese deserve congratulations as their votes cast in the general election have been utilised for the common purpose as per the public mandate.

Though Nepal is small in size, it has its original existence in world politics. It is flanked by the two largest countries in the world in terms of population and size. But it has separate sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Its southern neighbour India has been intentionally trying to intimidate and humiliate Nepal for centuries. This time the parliament of Nepal has shown solid evidence of its national integrity with a zero vote against the proposed bill to reclaim its sovereignty over its land. Nepal has determined to claim its land encroached by India and bring the land back in Nepal’s possession.

The significance of this historic decision will go as far as to bring back the land encroached by India through bilateral, trilateral, multilateral talks and whenever needed through the impactful diplomatic efforts and coordination of the United Nations Organisation.

Best wishes that the solid unity will reach the common goal sooner than later.