AUSTRALIA to Provide Nepal with $7 Million as the Covid-19 Support


Canberra, As communities in Australia are concerned for friends and family in Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka, Australia has decided to deliver substantial services to North East Indian Ocean Neighbours including Nepal facing the much threatening second wave of Covid-19 pandemic.

Australia is working in partnership with its neighbors to minimise the impacts of COVID-19 on its region. It will support Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka in their response to increasing COVID-19 cases.

It will provide $17.5 million in funding for emergency relief with support to be delivered by trusted on-the-ground partners. It will respond directly to the identified needs of its partners through the procurement of critical supplies, including oxygen and ventilators. In addition, it will also support frontline health workers and help improve contact tracing.

In Nepal, Australia will provide $7 million for the purchase of essential equipment, through the UN and existing NGO partners. It is already providing medical equipment to hospitals in the most severely affected areas bordering India, as well as PPE, COVID-19 testing kits and related training for health workers.

Minister for Foreign Affairs and Minister for Women, Senator the Hon Marise Payne statedin the media released today, “Australia is committed to supporting countries in the North East Indian Ocean region as they face a surge in cases. Australia’s contribution will go directly to those on the ground delivering much-needed assistance to those who need it most. Communities in Australia are concerned for friends and family in Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka.”
He further said, “In partnership with our friends, we will continue to support the region to respond to and recover from COVID-19.”

Minister for International Development and the Pacific, Senator the Hon Zed Seselja said, “Australia is working closely with trusted NGO partners in the region to procure critical medical and humanitarian supplies. Through our partners, Australia is procuring oxygen, ventilators, PPE and other much needed medical supplies identified by our friends in Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka, as well as bolstering the contact tracing efforts of local health authorities.”

The oldest Nepalese organisation, Nepalese Australian Association (NAA), NRNA, Australia, and other leading community organisations in Nepalese diaspora in Australia earlier made very well-coordinated collective and sensible efforts to appeal to Australian government and concerned authorities for the humanitarian assistance.The entire Nepalese community is truly thankful to Australia for rallying round to help Nepal in time of crisis.

Nepalese Embassy in Australia, Consulate General offices, NRNA, Australia and other social organisations appealed to Australian Government contacting the influential mainstream politicians.

Nepalese Australian Association (NAA), earlier wrote letters to the Prime Minister of Australia, Minister for Foreign Affairs, ministers the co-chairmen of Nepalese Australia Parliamentarian Group and the other local parliamentarians appealing for the reliable assistance for Nepal in the difficult time.

Likewise, the reputed Nepalese organisations including Federation of Nepalese Community Association (FENCA) South West Sydney Nepalese Community also corresponded with the Prime Minister earnestly requesting for assistance.

The Australian Government provides 24-hour consular emergency assistance. For urgent consular assistance, all concerned are requested to contact the Consular Emergency Centre on +61 2 6261 3305 from overseas and 1300 555 135 from within Australia.
Australians seeking travel advice should consult the Smartraveller website. For non-urgent enquiries, contact the nearest Australian embassy or consulate or email [email protected]

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