The Final Countdown to NTSA Futsal Championship 2022

Futsal Championship 2022 organised by Nepalese Tasmanian Sports Association (NTSA) will take place on 28 May 2022. Nepalese Community in Tasmanian Nepali in Tasmanian, Nepali is the second most spoken language in Tasmanian
Futsal Championship 2022 organised by the Nepalese Tasmanian Sports Association (NTSA) will take place on 28 May 2022.

Hobart, the much-awaited reputed and prestigious men’s, and women’s futsal tournament ‘NTSA Futsal Championship 2022’ NTSA, organised by Nepalese Tasmanian Sports Association (NTSA) will take place on 28 May. The Futsal championship presented by Global Mark will be held in Moonah Sports Centre, 17 Gormanston Rd, Moonah, Tasmania.

Futsal Championship first of its kind in Tasmanian Nepalese community

12 teams in men’s category and 2 teams in women’s category will be chasing for the prestigious championship. The NTSA president Bishnu Sapkota said, “To make the event participatory and inclusive, we have organised the women’s futsal championship. The corporate cup is also held to be participated by the community and commercial organisations. We believe that we can convincingly promote the unity and prosperity of the Tasmanian Nepalese Community through sports. We look forward to the entire community for the continued support and cooperation.”

Prizes for the winners and individual trophies

The winner and runner-up teams will be awarded with the cash prize amounting $1000 and $500 respectively along with the trophies, medals, and certificates. Football is a team game, but individual awards are also much valued. The team adjudged best for fair play, highest scorer, the best player of the championship, and the best goalkeeper will be awarded with $100 each and a trophy.

Press Meet Held on the Eve of the Event

In the press meet organised by NTSA to flow the information regarding the championship, the secretary of NTSA expressed gratitude to the title sponsor. The proprietor of Moonlight Store and Toya Bhattarai and the director of Penny Royal College Abhinav Acharya extended the best wishes for the overall success and good will of the championships.

The title sponsor, the director of Global Mark Education and Visa Services Arun Chitrakar shared with the Australian Nepalese, “We have been much impressed by the by the exceptional concept of the futsal championship. Our organisation always wants to connect itself with the significant and inspiring community event and such purposeful events should be held continuously.”

Many enthusiastic audiences and community members are expected to turn up to watch the would-be sure-shot spellbinding futsal matches.

Nepali is the second most spoken language in Tasmania other than English

Tasmania, an island state of Australia, is located across the sea to the south of the Australian mainland. With the rapidly growing Nepalese population, in various towns in Tasmania, Nepalese in Tasmania have not only made their presence felt in different Tasmanian towns but have been organizing at least two community-oriented activities every week to preserve and promote Nepalese native identity and cultural heritage. in Tasmania. According to the census of 2016,  Nepali is the second most spoken language in Tasmania other than English.

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