Interaction Program Held to Help Newly Arrived Nepalese Students in Sydney

Sydney, March 19, considering multiple ongoing new cases with newly arrived Nepalese International Student in Australia, the Embassy of Nepal-Canberra and NRNA, Australia SCC NSW in collaboration with Consulate General NSW, Australian Education Consultancy Alliances (AECA), the NSW based community organizations, and Student Advisory Council (SAC) organized International Student Information Session (ISIS) at Hurstville, NSW.

The session included very relevant and important topics such as Life in Australia, Work Smart, Rules of Law, Get Help, and Q and A. It was attended by the community members by the Nepalese international students studying in different academic institutes in Australia.

The interactive program first of its kind, was of fair benefit to all concerned. The informative session covered opportunities, challenges, and mostly awareness for all the newcomers (new in Australia). The enthusiastic participants took the opportunities to learn, engage and equally raise their concerns and queries with the experts. It was attended by a significant number of community members.

 The Views and Suggestions of Resource Persons

On the topic of the rule of law,  Mr. Jason Constable and Mr. Raymond from Australian Federal Police (AFP) provided all the required information relating to the rule of law in Australia covering a variety of topics such as scams and cybercrime. Mr. Biwek Thapa, the acclaimed education consultant provided information regarding all types of visa conditions related to international students, which can be quite stressful during the time of their study.

On the topic of Life in Australia, Mr. Saral Gurung presented the opportunities and challenges of living in Australia with a few awareness tips via virtual means. This has included Australian culture, heritage, geographical features, and basic lifestyle. On the topic of Workplace Information and Student Support Services, Mr. Anil Pokharel NRNAA NCC Treasurer gave highly useful information about Australian Taxation Systems, Australian Business Number (ABN), work issues, and possible solutions with contact details of appropriate agencies pertaining to emergency number of 000 and mental health cases, beyond blue, etc.

On the topic of the rule of law, Mr. Jason Constable and Mr. Raymond from Australian Federal Police (AFP) provided all the required information relating to the rule of law in Australia covering a variety of topics such as scams and cybercrime.
On the topic of the rule of law, Mr. Jason Constable and Mr. Raymond from Australian Federal Police (AFP) provided all the required information relating to the rule of law in Australia covering a variety of topics such as scams and cybercrime.

Views of the Organising Team

Deb Gurung, NRNA, Australia Vice-President and NSW Coordinator said, “On behalf of the organizing team, I would like to thank to the Honourable Durapada Sapkota, the acting Ambassador of Nepal to Australia, Deepak Khadka, the Consulate General of Nepal to NSW, the experts, the students and all valued stakeholders. I also would like to express thanks to all the presenters who delivered their highly valuable and much-needed detailed information to our audiences who stayed until the end of the session. We are also thankful to the community leaders and media personalities for flowing the information to the international students and the community members. In the encouraging session, the participants raised the issues that mattered to the newly arrived international students. The professionals and authorities in the respective areas addressed them convincingly and discussed the reasonable ways to resolve the problems they are facing and the potential challenges they have to face.”

He further said, “I also would like to thank Charge De ’affairs honourable Ms Durpada Sapkota (Acting Ambassador), 3rd Secretary from ACT Mr Yadab Koirala, Honorary Consulate General Mr. Deepak Khadka, Mr Mana K.C NRNA ICC Vice President, Ms Janaki Paudel RC Women Forum, Mr Nanda Gurung President NRNA Australia, Solicitor/Lawyer Mr Bharat Pokharel Past GS/Treasurer NRNA Australia, Mr Prakash Pandey President ECAN, Mr. Yubraj Katwal President FECON, Mr Dwiraj Sharma President AAERI, Mr Bhupal Sitaula President AECA, Mr. Rishi Acharya President ANJA/GS NAA, Mr. Hemanta Kafle Past President ANJA, Mr Heupati Gurung Vice President TSS and VP Pokhara Samaj Australia, Mr Mahesh Prasai (VFM Founder), Mr Dil Khadka SO RSNA, Mr Tirtha Karki GS JSA, Mr Madhav Gaire Director Nepal News, Mr Prem K. Shrestha Social Activist, Mr Jiwan Dahal Director Lahuri TV, Mr Santosh Shrestha SCC Advisor, Mr Tirtha Khatiwada Social Activist, Ms Asha Shrestha Past SCC Member, Mr Mohan Lama (Embassy Staff) and all the respected parents and students, brothers and sisters who stayed until the end of session and made this event a grand success. Moreover, my team, which worked hard round the clock, includes presenters Mr. Jason Constable and Mr. Raimonds from AFP, Mr. Anil Pokharel NCC Treasurer, Mr. Biwek Thapa past AECA President, Mr. Saral Gurung Director Nepal Tube, and Mr. Bijay Sapkota past President CISA. Thanks are also due to admin/technical supporters Ms. Sukirti Bhatta Deputy Coordinator NSW SCC, Mr. Binod Kunwar Secretary, Ms. Deepa Joshi SCC Member, Mr. Madan Koirala MC, Mr. Aadesh Thapa Videographer, and Mr. Bipin Shrestha IT Engineer.”

He added, “Finally, I would like to pay a compliment on all the organizing team for their valuable inputs and support towards the program considering all the ideas and resources, Special thanks are due to Embassy of Nepal Canberra, Consulate General NSW, Australian Education Consultancies (AECA), Community Organisations, and team NCC-SCC NSW. Overall, it was a huge success with valuable and meaningful information delivered by the experts. We will follow up with the program video and take home the package in due course. We will also assure you all of at least a quarterly/half-yearly session in the future from the NRNAA or in collaboration with CBOs, however, students will have to ensure that they are genuinely interested to learn and receive this kind of information for their benefit.”

Acting Ambassador of Nepal to Australia Bid Farewell

The program concluded with a farewell to Charge De’ Affairs Ms. Durpada Sapkota with a bouquet of flowers as a token of appreciation. Deb Gurung shared, “Ms. Sapkota has been an excellent diplomat leader/operator in her role. She took over the role of acting Ambassador on many occasions on/off while the position remained vacant. Nepalese diaspora in Australia will remain thankful to her for her exceptional contributions. We wish her better health and a successful career in the future, and we are hopeful to see her as her Excellency one day.”

Nepalese Community Awarded Australian Government Grant for the Multicultural Celebration, 2022